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Privacy policy

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ISM Privacy Policy

ISM Technology Recruitment Ltd. and its affiliates and subsidiaries (“ISM”) respect the right of job applicants (“Applicants”) to privacy and to having confidence that their personal data is adequately protected. This Privacy Policy describes how ISM collects, processes, uses, and discloses personal data, whether online or via other channels, and asks for consent and acceptance by Applicants of the terms herein, as required by the Personal Data Protection Act and any other, relevant regulations, as follows:

1.     Definitions

Depending upon the relationship between and among ISM, Applicants, and third parties, all of the above may have one or more distinct roles in the context of personal data protection. As used herein, these roles are:

Data Controller: A person or organization which, alone or jointly with others, determines the purposes and means of the processing of personal data;

Data Processor: a person or organization who deals with personal data as instructed by a Data Controller for specific purposes and services offered to the Data Controller that involve personal data processing;

Data Subject: An identified or identifiable natural person from whom or about whom information is collected. In the context of this Privacy Policy, the Data Subject may include, but not be limited to, Applicants for job placement or other users of the services provided by ISM.

Personal data may be transmitted to and from ISM in a variety of ways (“Channels”):

  • Data that Applicants submit to ISM via any of our websites;
  • Data that Applicants provide directly to ISM staff (e.g. via email, through social media, etc.), either in response to a request or unsolicited by ISM;
  • Data that ISM receives from third-party sources (e.g. via job boards).

Additionally, during the recruitment process, ISM may receive personal data directly from the job applicant via conversation or interviews.

All personal data of Applicants is subject to be collected, retained, used, and possibly forwarded and disclosed by ISM as described in this Privacy Policy, in order to verify the accuracy of such personal data and other information provided to ISM in assessing Applicant’s suitability for potential jobs, and to facilitate the management of Applicant’s potential interest in suitable job openings, either at the time the personal data is collected by ISM or in the future.

Applicants’ personal data will be used only for the purposes described herein.

2.     Purpose of Processing Personal Data

Applicants acknowledge, agree, and consent to the collection, use, and disclosure by ISM, whether as Data Controller or as Data Processor, of personal data submitted by the Applicant through any Channels, for any of the following reasons.

2.1.   To support the legitimate interest of ISM in providing services in accordance with its Terms and Conditions of Service, including:

  • use in maintaining updated information about Applicants’ skills and experience, so that ISM can match Applicants with potential job opportunities;
  • use in contacting Applicants to provide them with information about job opportunities;
  • use in recruiting, interviewing, and evaluating Applicants’ qualifications;
  • use in requesting additional details from Applicants such as work history, compensation, and availability for interviews;
  • use in recording Applicants’ consent to collect personal data;
  • use in sending data about Applicants to ISM clients, if Applicant has given ISM specific consent, on a case-by-case basis, to do so;
  • use in checking the background and references of Applicants, as well as the accuracy of any personal data provided by Applicants to ISM, if Applicant has given ISM specific consent, on a case-by-case basis, to do so.

2.2.   Marketing

  • to provide information regarding the promotion of ISM’s activities as well as the activities of ISM’s clients, affiliates, and business partners;
  • to contact Applicants with newsletters, surveys, and other forms of communication containing information about events and other topics relevant to IT, Human Resources, the Digital Economy, and any related topics;
  • Cookies may be used on ISM’s website to determine user preferences, and to analyze the relevance to users of certain website pages, so that we can determine levels of interest and tailor our website and the user experience accordingly. ISM does not use third-party cookies on its website.

2.3.   Legal Compliance

  • to comply with the law, government ordinance, competent authority, or officials of a government agency, including to comply with court orders and related regulations;
  • to prevent any risk threatening the life, body, or health of any individual.

2.4.   Other Purposes

  • to record and maintain a history of interactions with clients and with Applicants, related to the processing of a job application;
  • to manage and track questions, inquiries, requests, and complaints;
  • to notify Applicants of information during use of the ISM website.

3.     Retention of Personal Data

Unless an Applicant expresses to ISM the intention to exercise the right to have any personal data or documents given to ISM immediately deleted or destroyed, or unless ISM hires Applicant as an employee, ISM reserves the right to retain all of Applicant’s personal data as long as ISM deems necessary to carry out the recruitment process.

4.     Disclosure of Personal Data

ISM may disclose and/or forward personal data, where necessary, to the following: third parties in order to complete the full recruitment process:

  • ISM’s clients or related companies that may have positions suitable for Applicant;
  • a background check provider or a third-party service provider participating in ISM’s recruitment process;
  • other third parties to whom Applicant has consented to the disclosure of personal data.

ISM will require the recipient of the personal data thus disclosed to take appropriate measures to protect the Applicant’s information, to process such personal data only as necessary, and to take steps to prevent the unauthorized use or disclosure of personal data.

5.     Transmission or Transfer of Personal Data Abroad

5.1.   ISM may transmit or transfer Applicant’s personal data to foreign parties, such as the Human Resources departments of ISM’s clients, and wherever else it may be necessary for the performance of ISM’s services either for the benefit of the Applicant or for any other legitimate purpose as described in this Privacy Policy.

5.2.   ISM may keep Applicant’s data on servers or cloud computers provided by other parties, and may use third-party programs, or applications, or platforms including but not limited to services mediated by software to process Applicant’s personal data. ISM will not allow unrelated persons to access personal data and will require those other parties to take appropriate security measures.

5.3.   If Applicant’s personal data is sent abroad, ISM will comply with the Personal Data Protection Act in that regard and take reasonable measures to ensure that Applicant’s personal data is adequately protected, and to prevent its unauthorized use or disclosure.

6.     Security

The security of Applicants’ personal data is important to ISM, and ISM has implemented appropriate technical and administrative measures to protect personal data from being lost, accessed without authorization, used inappropriately, disclosed, modified, or destroyed. Furthermore, ISM’s staff are trained to focus on the importance of personal data protection.

7.     Data Subject’s Rights

ISM respects Applicant’s rights as the Data Subject under applicable laws. Applicant can contact ISM to exercise those rights, which are the rights to request access, request a copy, request to update, request to withdraw consent or object to the processing of personal data going forward, request to transfer data, as well as request to delete or destroy personal data.

8.     ISM Contact Details

ISM can be contacted for any purpose described in this Privacy Policy by phone at 02 634 3800 or via email: dpo@ismtech.net.

This Privacy Policy may be amended by ISM at any time, and the new version will become effective immediately upon publication.